Parting Tray

Parting Tray

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Key Features 
Capacity : 1 Gram. To 1 kg
Power Supply : 230 Watt Ac
Watt : 1 Kilowatt
Maximum Temp. : 1100 Degree
Heating Time : 22-25 Min [1st Heating Un Load]
Dimension : 13 H x 8 D x 15 L [Inch]
Weight : 7.5 kg
Body : M.S. Powder Coating
Power Cons. : Half Unit, 1st Melting approx.

Specification :
1. Single Display, On-Off Action
2. Low And High Rang Look
3. Mute Option For DC Buzzer
4. Easy Installation, Operated by 5 Amp Plug

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A parting tray is an essential tool used in the process of metal casting. It is a shallow container made of a durable material, such as steel or graphite, that is used to hold and transport molten metal during the casting process. The shape and size of the parting tray can vary depending on the type of casting being done and the specific needs of the caster. Parting trays are designed to be heat-resistant and durable, able to withstand the high temperatures of molten metal. They are an important component in the casting process, ensuring that the molten metal is contained and transported safely and efficiently.

Key Features

  • Power Supply : 0
  • Body : 0

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