Electric Melting Furnace Auto Tilting

Automatic Tilting Furnace for Silver, Aluminum

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Key Features 
Capacity : 1 Gram. To 1 kg
Power Supply : 230 Watt Ac
Watt : 1 Kilowatt
Maximum Temp. : 1100 Degree
Heating Time : 22-25 Min [1st Heating Un Load]
Dimension : 13 H x 8 D x 15 L [Inch]
Weight : 7.5 kg
Body : M.S. Powder Coating
Power Cons. : Half Unit, 1st Melting approx.

Specification :
1. Single Display, On-Off Action
2. Low And High Rang Look
3. Mute Option For DC Buzzer
4. Easy Installation, Operated by 5 Amp Plug

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As leading manufacturers and suppliers of exceptional range of Automatic Tilting Furnace for Copper and Aluminum. Our Auto Tilting Furnace is highly sought-after by our customers for its outstanding performance and durability. With a capacity of up to 12-15 kg and a maximum temperature of 1100 degrees, these furnaces are perfect for melting Gold, Silver and aluminum alloys. The body of the Electrical Aluminum Melting Furnace is made of M.S. with a powder coating finish, ensuring its longevity. Our Tilting Furnace is designed to meet the specific requirements of our customers, providing them with a cost-effective solution for their melting needs. 

Key Features :

  • Capacity : Up to 12-15 kg
  • Power Supply : 230 Watt Ac
  • Watt : 3 kw
  • Maximum Temp. : 1100 Degree
  • Heating Time : 1 Hour [1st Time Un Load]
  • Dimension [mm] : 624 H x 602 D x 572 W [Furnace]
  • Dimension [mm] : 375 D x 600 W [Scissor Table]
  • Body : M.S. Powder Coating
Specification :
1. Double Display, On-Off, TP, PID Control Action
2. Auto Tune PID control, Low And High Range Look
3. Shocking Timer For Better Melting.
4. Fast Melting and Heavy coil
5. High Temperature Board Installation
7. Electric Hydraulic Tilting System {Furnace & Scissor Table}
8. 2 Pole MCB, Led Buzzer
9. Easy Installation, Operated by in single phase
10. New Compact Size, set In Small Space
Features of Automatic Tilting Furnace
  1. Easy to operate controls
  2. Safety features
  3. High temperature capacity
  4. Efficient energy use
  5. Quick heating time
Digital Electric Melting Furnace: efficient, no heat loss, precise temperature control, minimal metal loss when melting precious metals. Ideal for AC showrooms.

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