Hot Plate Manual

Hot Plate Manual Furnace

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Key Features 
Capacity : 1 Gram. To 1 kg
Power Supply : 230 Watt Ac
Watt : 1 Kilowatt
Maximum Temp. : 1100 Degree
Heating Time : 22-25 Min [1st Heating Un Load]
Dimension : 13 H x 8 D x 15 L [Inch]
Weight : 7.5 kg
Body : M.S. Powder Coating
Power Cons. : Half Unit, 1st Melting approx.

Specification :
1. Single Display, On-Off Action
2. Low And High Rang Look
3. Mute Option For DC Buzzer
4. Easy Installation, Operated by 5 Amp Plug

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A hot plate manual is a laboratory instrument used for heating or boiling liquids, solutions or samples in glassware or vessels. These hot plates have a flat heating surface and are designed to be durable and easy to use. They are typically heated by a coil or an electric heating element and are controlled manually using a temperature knob or dial. Hot plates manuals are available in a variety of sizes and heating capacities, making them suitable for use in both small and large-scale laboratory applications. They are commonly used for tasks such as heating solutions for chemical reactions, melting solid materials, and conducting experiments in chemistry, biology, and physics. With their versatility and reliability, hot plate manuals are an essential tool in any laboratory setting.

Key Features

  • Size [mm] : 300X450
  • Power Supply : 230 Watt Ac
  • Watt : 1000 Watt
  • Maximum Temp. : 300 Degree
  • Body : M.S. Powder Coating , S.S. TOP 304

Specification :
1. Single Display, On-Off Action
2. Low And High Rang Look
3. Mute Option For DC Buzzer
4. Operated by 5 Amp Plug

Features of Hot Plate Manual Furnace 

  1. Multiple safety features 
  2. High melting speed 
  3. Suitable for various metal materials  
  4. Overheat protection 
  5. Low power consumption 

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